A lot of people, especially those that are very interested in taking up ballroom dance lessons, are always looking for places wherein they can learn how to dance mambo. Though most of these people know that mambo is a form of dance style, not all of them know anything else about the dance style.

If you ask them what else do they know about mambo, aside from the fact that it is a certain type of dance, they probably won’t be able to tell you anything else, much less describe clearly how the mambo dance style is performed. Fortunately for you, this article will provide you with some information about this particular dance style. If you want to learn more about it, simply read this article.

Mambo Dance

For those of you who don’t know, mambo dance is actually a popular style of dance that exudes sensuality. This might probably be one of the reasons why a lot of people want to learn how to dance this particular dance style. This particular dance style is actually rooted to Cuban and African rhythms. The name itself actually refers to a certain type of drum called the Bantu drum. These drums were normally used during sacred rituals, hence the name mambo, which literally means “conversation with the Gods.”


The mambo dance style is a Cuban or Latin dance style that is directly associated with mambo music, which was created by Cachao and was popularized in the United States by the different Jazz musicians that were playing in different casinos back in the 1930’s. This was the music that was used to entertain the customers that visited these casinos. Perez Prado then came up with the mambo dance style as he was figuring out what type of dance to use for mambo music. The mambo music and the dance appealed very well with the mainstream American crowd, hence, its popularity. The mambo dance and music was especially popular in New York city, as well as in Miami and San Francisco.

Mambo Style

The mambo style of dance is actually characterized by the dancer’s different hip movements being done while he or she is moving back and forth along with the beat. This particular movement would create a smooth motion that follows the rhythmic pattern of the music. The basic mambo dance is translated in music using the time of 4/4. However, there are times that the dancer is required to pause or hold a position. The 4/4 beat is then followed by a quick-quick-slow movement, all in sync with the music.

Modern Mambo

The modern mambo is considered by some as the creation of the New York music and dance scene, especially since some New York dancers added their own flair to the clave of the mambo dance pattern by incorporating steps form jazz, swing and tap into the routine.

Essence Of Mambo

Since mambo is basically a sensual dance, a lot of modern mambo dancers try to incorporate slow but sensual moves instead of fast, dramatic and flowing dance patterns in their routines. In order to truly dance mambo the right way, a dancer must fully understand the sensuality of the dance, and he or she must be able to exhibit it even without the use of flashy moves, but more of graceful and slower dance moves.

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