If there is one dance style that a lot of couples would like to learn, that is Tango. This dance style that originated from Montevideo, Uruguay, and more commonly, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a dynamic but very sensual type of ballroom dance style that exudes Spanish and African influences. Nowadays, there are a lot […]

Modern Ballet

When people are asked about which type of ballet style they would like to learn how to dance, most of them said that they would like to learn how to dance modern ballet. However, when I asked them what modern ballet really was, most of them could not even clearly define to me what modern […]

Flamenco Dancing

One of the unique dances today is the Flamenco. This dance is rooted deeply in the cultures of Spain, though it is mostly centered in Andalusia, yet included in almost every social event in both European and Spanish countries today. This type of dance is closely followed by the rhythm and tempo of a guitar […]

Dancesport Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dancing has evolved to something more than just a social dance performance. Today, people train in various ballroom dancing techniques to join dancesport competitions as social events, sports activity, or even in the Olympics. Social Dancing Or Competition? Many classify dancesport as a type of social dancing, though this is mostly a misconception since […]

Classical Ballet

Considered by many as one of the most formal styles of ballet, classical ballet uses certain techniques and features that is unique to this form of dance style alone. People who wants to learn this type of dance usually start at an early age, mainly because younger people are more flexible, hence, are easier to […]

Belly Dancing

Belly dancing is one of the most popular dance forms today, particularly with women. One reason for that is that many believe belly dance can help tone your abdominal muscles, enabling one to achieve the right shape of abs and body contour. Regardless of your reason for performing belly dance, it is important to ease […]

Selecting the Proper Dance Shoes

If you’ve ever been to a wedding or prom in uncomfortable shoes you know the importance of this process. You absolutely must select comfortable shoes if you plan to be dancing for a long period of time. Having those gorgeous knock me dead heels is all well and good for the picture portion of your […]

Jazz as Dance

While few people understand the true origins of Jazz as a music form, fewer people still understand the origins of jazz as a style of dance. Jazz is very much a fatherless child. More than that however, jazz as music and dance seem to have many mothers despite the fact that they have no father. […]

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